Eagle Point Software

This is how the path toward a consulting and engineering firm evolved into a global software company

John Biver, President and CEO

Our History

In 1982, within months after IBM had sold its first PC, John Biver and his business partner bought one. At the time, they were civil engineers working at a firm where the partners were working well past retirement. Other than the partners who worked at the firm, the two were the only other licensed engineers. It felt safe to assume that they’d be in line to eventually own the firm or one like it.

At the time, the firm’s named partners were not even considering adopting technology. However, the IBM PC which commanded a $6,000.00 investment felt like a “must have” for these two pioneers. Much to their surprise after they plugged it in, they realized that the PC did not come with engineering software which would help them with their job. This realization was a defining moment and was the first recollection of the early days of the business. 

They began writing software for the AEC space in the early 1980’s. A peer recommended that they exhibit at the Iowa County Engineers’ Conference in Ames. The two-day event attracted 200 County Engineers who in groups of 10-20 at a time, were viewing their software demonstrations. On the first day people would ask “are you here to sell software or your services?” The guys were not sure and could not directly answer that question. Through every conversation that day, it became more clear that the County Engineers wanted software that would help them create efficiencies on the job. By the end of the second day of the show, their answer to the looming question was clear; “We’re creating software for Engineers.” With that, Engineering Data Systems Corp., (aka Eagle Point Software) was born.