Pinnacle Series Customer Success 

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Gaining a return on your investment begins here. Our Customer Success Team is skilled in the latest techniques and strategies to drive adoption and integration of the Pinnacle Series for your organization. Wherever you are on your journey to increase productivity and learning, your customer success manager will partner with you to ensure your individual organizational goals are ingrained into the platform’s mission. We truly believe that Customer Success looks different for each of our clients, but through this close partnership, we can drive engagement and success of the Pinnacle Series Platform.

Read more about Customer Success and meet some of our clients below.

MSA Professional Services
A better way of learning

Pinnacle Series helped MSA smoothly transition to Autodesk software, while cutting training costs, reducing the need for internal support, and improving overall productivity.

HH Angus & Associates
Teach more than tech

“We have implemented and integrated Pinnacle Series into the culture at HH Angus and it’s producing unmatched results.”
– Melissa Parry, BIM Specialist


“It has far broader use and relevance across the business. It gives us consistency in internal processes and professional skills. It also supports continuity since it makes the company less dependent on the knowledge that people hold in their heads; this is important for organisational development.” – David from Skanksa, UK

Noelker & Hull Associates, Inc.
Realize results quickly

“We could spend a lot of money getting ‘scripted’ training, sending groups out, doing in-house training, but we would still not get the ‘over-the-shoulder’ support that we knew we were going to need,” 

– Michael Hudson, Technology Manager

American Structurepoint
saves valuable time 

“We came to a point where we realized that it wasn’t sustainable to send staff out of state for training where the end results were inconsistent from training to training. Additionally, we needed a way to document and organize our training materials and knowledgebase. ” 
– Melanie Bucher, Senior Human Resources Representative.

Merrick & Company
Amazing Support from Pinnacle

“As projects have changed over time, we have problems getting people to learn new software. Pinnacle Series is used to train people on new processes and new software so we can all work together.”

– Tony Wheeler, CM-Bim