More than LMS, Pinnacle Series is built by AEC professionals and includes Workflows and other game-changing features that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Unparalleled Platform Features

Pinnacle Series delivers the most sought after content on the industry’s most awarded platform. Each feature is built to help organizations create efficiencies and/or work together more effectively. Pinnacle Series provides the features to help your team get it right, the first time. 
Our features include Translations available in 60 languages, Offline (downloadable) content, Assessment Tools, Notifications, Support and more. Save time. Save Money. Reduce RFIs and calls to support and provide over the shoulder help with Plug-ins. You’ll find some of our most popular features below. 


Communicate your standard processes  and procedures, provide direct access to software commands, tools and documents people need to do their work.


Gain insight into overall Pinnacle Series usage, Learning Path progress or completion and understand user engagement.

Work Groups

Connect a project team or group of people with commonalities; includes assets related specifically to project and keep the team up to date with SOP’s, workflows, project documents and more.


Our plugins identify the command you are running in the program and offer recommended learning topics. Additionally, you can run commands straight from Pinnacle Series to ensure you are following best practices.


Unlock Pinnacle’s full potential when you customize your platform to fit your brand and your culture. Easily upload customized content. Documents remain in their native format and are searchable through the robust search engine. Plus you may incorporate them into Learning Paths, Courses or Workflows.

Personalized Learning

Guide users through “just-in-time” training to improve their skills and allow users to access interactive written content, video lessons, attend live classes, take quizzes and more. Personalized Learning Paths to target individuals’ skills gaps are available in addition to the on-demand learning which provides “over the shoulder” help.

Communicate your SOPs, provide direct access to commands, tools and documents to improve work flows

Your documents are shared in native format and can also be used in Learning Paths, Courses or Work Flows

More than 60 languages completely translated for pre-loaded and custom content

Customize the platform to fit your organizational standards and culture

Download content to your device to access regardless of internet connection

Gain insight into Pinnacle Series usage, Learning Path progress and more

Get More Tools With Pinnacle Series. It’s Built Exclusively for AEC

Our Autodesk plugins identify the command your pros are running and offer recommended learning topics. Work Groups connect projects and standardization across all departments and around the globe. We offer best in class search, reporting, assessments, support and more.

Industry Leading Content

Pinnacle Series’ pre-loaded content includes libraries of training materials for AEC and Manufacturing Industries’ most trusted software. In addition to pre-loaded content, the Pinnacle Series interface allows you to customize any content or upload your own. Our pre-loaded content includes more than 1,100 courses, more than 1,500 workflows, plus over 10,000 videos and thousands of documents. We’ve been helping organizations get the most out of their software investments for nearly four decades. Put that experience to work for you—get Pinnacle Series.

Blue Beam
McNeel Grasshopper/Rhino
Management Skills
Health and Safety

Content partners KnowledgeSmart automate personalized learning paths based on skill assessment. This saves time and makes it easier to manage training.

KnowledgeSmart’s Assessment Creates Personalized Learning Paths to Fill Skills Gaps

Only Spend 
Learning what you need.

The e-Learning game has changed. The integration between Pinnacle Series and KnowledgeSmart allows users to evaluate their skills and have a personalized learning path assigned to expand their knowledge.

Identify skills gaps and work to close them with courses specifically designed for personalized and relevant professional development.